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24 hours of Instruction.


Introduction to piercing with needles supplemented with tools. Refresh your knowledge on piercing basics and learn new skills to apply. Discover new techniques in piercing, adapt to up and coming piercing trends, and expand your knowledge!

This program is perfect for someone who has previous experience or knowledge in piercing, or who have previously taken the basic piercing course. Students will learn 20+ piercings through the entire face and body. Learn from 3x certified trainer. You will leave with a certificate of completion in 30 hours of instruction of intermediate body piercings.


The course curriculum covers

· Health and Safety & Legalities

· Health board requirements

· Theory

· Room and piercing preparation

· Variety of Piercing

· Troubleshooting

· Aftercare

· Professionalism & Business

Areas Covered: Bridge, Septum, Forward Helix, Tragus, Anti Tragus, Rook, Daith, Snug, Eyebrow, Labret, Medusa, Monroe, Anti-Eyebrow, Vertical Labret, Navel, Ashley, Web, Smiley, & Frowny.

Recommendation to purchase kit for home studio use. All materials provided for use in course included.

Prerequisites: Basic Piercing Course, Blood borne pathogens, First Aid, and CPR Courses.


Course is held in Reginas at health board approved location, with facilities & services meeting and exceding all standards.

Intermediate Body Piercing Course & Certificate

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