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Bellezza Moda Beauty and Fashion was created in 2014 by Jasmine Gemmell. Bellezza Moda means Beauty and Fashion in Italian, inspired by the beauty in the language, and the beauty in our jewelry. She believed it was a perfect fit.

Since 2014 Jasmine and her store has developed so much and has come so far. She now is the proud owner of 3 Bellezza Moda stores, employing over 25 amazing members. There are also 20+ Bellezza Moda distributers all over Canada, so look for us on your travels!

Jasmine has been piercing for more that 7 years and is now 3x certified. Her passion and positivity for body piercing encourages so many others around her. She now teaches the first ever body piercing course in western Canada, with hundreds of amazing piercing students who have a passion for piercing just like her! She is also a mentor to 7 fabulous body piercers who pierce with her at her 3 stores. 


Our biggest target at Bellezza Moda is customer service. We want to many every person feels like they belong in our stores. Please contact us if you are all unsatisfied with your experience, and we will do our best to make it right. 

Our goal is to spread kindness, happiness and inclutivity everywhere we meet you.


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