12 Hours of Instruction, including theory and practical. 


Introduction to piercing with a needle. Learn history, theory, and technique of piercing. Discover the basics of body piercing and supplement your aesthetics business! Learn 6 of the most popular piercings in the business. Students will leave confident in their piercing, troubleshooting, and aftercare skills.

This program is perfect for a beginner with no prior knowledge of piercing. Students will cover the basics of piercing including sanitation, sterilization, technique, theory, and much more! Learn from 3x certified trainer.


The course curriculum covers

·     Health and Safety & Legalities

·     Health board requirements

·     Theory

·     Room and piercing preparation

·     Variety of Piercing

·     Troubleshooting

·     Aftercare

·     Professionalism & Business


Areas Covered 
Ear Lobe, Helix, Conch, Flat, Nose, & Auricle. 


Kit Includes:

- Sterile piercing jewelry

- Sterile disposable receiving tubes 

- Sterile single use skin pens

- Needles

-  Gloves, gauze, corks, alcohol swabs, dental bibs, face shield, medical masks, waterproof apron, any other PPE


Course is held in Reginas at health board approved location, with facilities & services meeting and exceding all standards. 

Prerequisites: Blood borne pathogens, First Aid, and CPR Courses.

Basic Piercing Certificate + Kit